If you are someone who loves colours just like us, then you’re in the right place!

Colours are fun to work with and flaunt when you have them paired right.

It is of course common knowledge that almost any coloured or printed dress can be easily paired with black or white. But what if we told you that you could actually wear various colours and prints together without looking like a weirdo?

Here are 5 easy ways to go High Fashion by colour blocking like a pro.

  1. Choose printed Co-ord sets. This gives you a more chic, put together look without it being off-putting.


  1. The colour wheel is your best friend. Stick a colour wheel onto your mirror or save a screenshot for every time you dress up.


Colour wheel (Img courtesy: Google)

You can pair colours from the same family to create monochromatic looks like Candy Apple, Ruby and Pomegranate, all of which come under the Red family. You can even pick complementary colours on the wheel and pair Reds with Greens, Yellows with Purples, Oranges with Blues and so on!


With the colour wheel by your side, the possibilities are endless. Go across, adjacent or even triad and you cannot go wrong!


  1. To make colours more fun, experiment with textures and prints to create a more interesting silhouette.

For example: If you are going for a Mint Green top with a Sapphire Blue skirt opt for a pleated skirt. This is a simple trick to add more dimension into your outfit and be more than just well-dressed!


  1. If you want to colour block but keep it subtle opt for a basic monochromatic outfit and colour block with a funky body belt or body chain. Can it possibly get more fierce than that!


  1. Lastly, if all of these are intimidating but you really want to try colour blocking, opt for bright coloured shoes or bags. This way you can continue wearing clothing that is more comfortable to you but still colour block like a pro!


Make sure to try these super-fun tips and next time someone asks how to up their fashion game, share the love with the fashion!