There is a reason why every stylist asks you to have black clothes in your wardrobe. 
Let's break it down for you:

1. Black is a universally flattering colour.

It doesn't matter what skin tone you are or what the occasion is, black will rescue you. Always.

2.  It has scientifically been proven to make you look slimmer.

No one wants to look larger than they are, so black is your fool-proof solution.

3. Fashion & Style Expert, Karen Haller says, 'Black is a colour that is taken seriously".

Yup, this is also a scientifically proven fact. Psychologists say black indicates prestige, power, seriousness & intelligence. 
So go be fierce girl 

4. Black keeps you cool.

Wait. Just hear us out, it's plain physics. Although white reflects the sunlight and black absorbs heat, black clothes tend to absorb the heat from your body as well. Now, this depends on the thickness & fit of the dress. So go buy yourself a baggy black dress from us ok ? 

5. Easy to layer !

You can literally go black on black on black on black and still look lit 🔥. Unlike other colours black gives you a chic monochromatic look and is super easy to pair with any kind of accessory.
Now that you know black is a wardrobe essential, don't forget to buy it, we've got it all !