What are wardrobe staples and why are they called staples ?

Read on to find out !

Staples are those that every stylist swears by. They are pieces you can almost never go wrong with. Best part is, come sunshine or rain, these clothes will take you through every season.

Which pieces qualify as a staple ?

For it to count as a staple you need colours like black, white or neutral, zero prints and patterns and knowing what's been constant in fashion through the years.

Here are a few fashion staples without which a wardrobe would be incomplete !

1. A crisp white shirt.

Not a top, not something with dramatic shoulders or sleeves just a basic clean white shirt.

Pick one with a luxe fabric and this will be your best buy.

2. Jeans.

80s, 90s and now the 20s. The jeans are here to stay. Pick a comfortable pair with a flattering waist rise and watch yourself reach for them more often than you should.

3. Blazer.

Blazers are more versatile than what we them give credit for. One good blazer and you can amp up the boss vibe instantly.

4. A Little Black Dress.

Every party is a success with a little black dress. If Karl Lagerfeld says it's good enough, it is definitely good enough for us.

5. Winter Coat.

Winters will come and go so invest in a black or neutral thick coat. No matter what you wear beneath it, the coat lays the first impression during the winter.

6. Flats.

For every brunch, casual walk or market run. They are feminine, cute and comfortable through it all.

7. A Midi Dress.

For a fun day out or a drive to the beach a light breezy midi dress will save the day always.

8. A Structured Bag.

A structured bag is a must have accessory to ensure you can carry all that you need comfortably without having to make a mess ! This can be a hand held bag or a cross body bag, completely your choice.

9. Hoops.

The easiest accessory to wear and love are a pair of hoop earrings. Instant va va voom !

10. The Baggy T-shirt.

Tuck it in, knot it up here is one comfy piece you can never go wrong with.


How well organised is your wardrobe ?

If not, here's your excuse to start shopping !